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The Exchange Factor

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The Exchange, an act of giving one thing and receiving another, of greater value, in return. This is what you can expect when you ascend upon The Hill.


Exchange what you have received from the world; all the hurt, pain, and sorrow, for a new and more abundant life.


At The Hill, all are wanted and welcome so come and make the exchange.


The mission of The Hill is to be a body of believers that understands we must cultivate our discipline and commission disciples so the Kingdom message of God can be felt in our families, communities, and the world. By the power of God, we will lead the masses by example into a personal relationship through spirit led and non-traditional methods of ministry.


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Ecclesiastes 11:1


Matthew 25:40


Hebrews 12:28


James 4:10


II Peter 1:5-15

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Helping Hands


The calling for The Hill is to serve the people of God. Our ministry works alongside our Bishop in meeting all goals and needs for our congregation. From three months to over eighty years old, there is a place for everyone because you are wanted and welcome here. We would love to have you be a part of our faith family.


The Hill is an influential cornerstone in the community affecting positive change through non-traditional methods of ministry. We have developed strategies and partnerships within the Kingdom and community that assist us in eliminating and tearing down hindrances or barriers preventing us from reaching the masses to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are active and engaged in our community to redirect the loss, to give hope to the hopeless, and to guide sinners to salvation. 


Our worship is like no other. The Holy Spirit has a permanent address on The Hill. During the current pandemic, we are taking all precautions to protect the health of all members and visitors while not hindering our worship experience. Based on current CDC guidelines, all who attend worship service will have temperatures checked upon entrance, wearing a mask at all times, and social distancing is a must as necessary.

Ready for the Exchange?


"Being in covenant alignment at The Hill has made such a noticeable difference and impact on my life. I’ve been in church my whole life and I can honestly say the love here at The Hill is genuine. Our Bishop is down to earth, he is loving, and wants nothing from me but to push me into my destiny. Although he jokes, he holds us accountable. He pours into our lives freely and willingly. He believes in giving us the unadulterated Word of God, and I appreciate every bit of it. I’ve never felt so welcomed and free to be my authentic self. When I first came here, I was unemployed. Within a month, God blessed me with a job which has sustained me financially through the pandemic. During one of Bishop's sermons he preached and said that “Someone had recently passed their test and because they passed, God was going to bless them.” He was speaking right to me. Within 72 hours, I watched God move quickly on my behalf. I’ve grown so much over the years by coming into alignment with The Hill, Bishop, and most importantly, with God.”


Steward Irenda Belt

Fresh Oil Member


 "Before coming to The Hill, I was already about 2 years into my walk with Christ. But FOR REAL this time! Ever since becoming a member, I have taken away countless insightful messages from God through our Bishop Antoine O. McClurkin. I’ve experienced the value in attending and being involved in church CORPORATELY! Joining the media ministry with Minister Julius Dawson was a blessing as I have been wrestling with using my creative gifts and how God wanted me to use them for His Kingdom. Julius has been a great mentor teaching me how to run a livestream for Sunday service and our Bread for Life bible study. The love and support I’ve received from my Hill family has been amazing and I truly believe we will continue to grow for His Kingdom."

Brother Xavier Vanegas

Media Ministry 

"Being at The Hill for almost a year it has absolutely blessed me in ways I can’t explain. Ever since I shook Bishop's hand my life has never been the same. The members embraced me with unconditional love. When I was living in a shelter with my children, I didn't know how I was going to survive. God has delivered me from poverty and small thinking. Since then I’ve been blessed with a home and a higher paying job. God is going to continue to bless me more. I'm grateful to God for my Hill family and my Bishop. I am better because of the work He is doing in my life through The Hill. God has showed me that He is always with me in the good and bad times, and that with His strength I can overcome anything." 


Sister Domireller Little

Hospitality Ministry 

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The initial thoughts of a church to serve the Waterloo, Maryland area, was conceived at the home of Mrs. Hattie Kitchen on Sunday, July 20, 1948. The outcome of the meeting was to form a Sunday School first because of the children in the community.  As the church grew, it moved several times until it was given a piece of land by Mr. Simpson on which to build a permanent home.

In 1949, the congregation decided to incorporate and gained its official identification as the First Community Church of Waterloo (FCCW). The completion of the first new church was with donations and the sweat equity of its members and occupied in late 1951. In August 1957, Deacon Irving James Fleming of Emmanuel Christian Community Church was assigned to FCCW as Interim Pastor.  Deacon Fleming was ordained an Elder by the United Council of Christian Community Churches of Maryland and Vicinity (UCCCC) in 1959 and became pastor of FCCW in 1960.  The church then became known as the First Christian Community Church of Waterloo (FCCCW). Reverend Charles Joyner, Sr., joined FCCCW in 1960 and became an assistant pastor in 1967. He continued in this capacity until his death in October 1984.


As the congregation continued to grow, a new building was erected with donations of time, money, and talent from its members.  The church had a large youth department, a senior and junior choir, and the Fleming Ensemble, founded in 1978. In December 1996, Reverend Andre Hale came to FCCCW from Shiloh Christian Community Church to assist with the operation of the church.  In 1997, Reverend Hale answered the call from the congregation to serve as Pastor-Elect for two years.  Pastor Hale continued in this capacity until he began dealing with an illness in January 2017. Pastor Hale transitioned on March 4, 2024 and his legacy will be forever honored within our ministry. 


We Salute 


Pastor Erwin Fleming



Pastor Paul Morrison



Elder Margaret Mason



The antecedent Pastors of

First Christian Community Church 


After much deliberation and meditation, he called upon Pastor Antoine O. McClurkin from the Greater Divine Cathedral Church to stand in while he recuperated. Greater Divine Cathedral was a strong ministry in the Sandtown area of Baltimore, Maryland, but continued to press for the next move God had in store. Both churches worshipped together for several Sundays and it became clear; God ordained these two body of believers to become one happy and spirit led family.  Under the leadership of Pastor McClurkin, the congregation continued to increase in size. On May 20, 2017, the two churches officially merged and became First Christian Community at The Cathedral (FCCC) with Overseer Antoine O. McClurkin as Chief Steward and Pastor, where EVERYONE has a role in God’s house. 

Our ministry is a force in the Howard County, Maryland community. Multiple ministries have birthed from our merger that allows for the use of God-given gifts from our Youth and Young Adults to our Seniors. We have created the Elder Curtis Waymer Scholarship Fund for graduating high school seniors, and our Deacon Karen Whyte Legacy Fund is actively assisting in the fight against cancer. Transportation is now available for those who wish to worship on The Hill but previously had no means to travel. From our annual benefit concerts, our food pantry partnerships to include basket giveaways to give back to those in need, and providing back to school supplies to local schools, we are about Kingdom building and excellence. The impact of our ministry is felt abroad through our growing membership in countries around the world.

On February 8, 2021, our Bishop released the vision that the Lord had given him. Habakkuk 2:2 says, “...Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” The vision called The Hill was cast and written, and the people ran after reading it. 


The Hill Incorporate became vision fulfilled on March 31, 2021, becoming the light of the world. We are a city that can not be hidden. 


The Hill is a member Global United Fellowship (GUF) of Nassau, Bahamas, under the spiritual covering of Presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis.




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